Happy Tails

Here are some of our adoption pets who found their forever homes and what their happy adopters are saying about AC&W,

"Dexter is so amazing and wonderful. We truly feel like we hit the doggie jackpot. He is absolutely perfect in every way. We can’t get enough of him, and he has added so much happiness and love into our family…No one can believe how perfect he is - equal parts lovable teddy bear, and fun and playful pup. Ahhhhh he is just so perfect 😍"

"Eevee is doing wonderful at home!! Her and her new sissy Xena (our tuxedo cat) LOVE to play together!...She sleeps between mine and my husband's feet at night in bed. She's super curious and does not like to be in a room by herself. She follows me and my husband around everywhere! We love her so much and are so happy we brought her into our family."

"He (Hagrid) is doing great! His new name is Rooney. He is a healthy puppy. He loves playing in the back yard, going for walks, and cuddling. He also loves when his big cousin Geno comes over to play. Also, he weirdly loves getting his teeth brushed lol. He a fantastic puppy and it didn’t take long for him to become my best friend! Thank you for bringing this sweetie into my life!"

"As we approach the end of this wild year, I wanted to share some new pics of our Rosie girl. She has been the biggest blessing for me this year and I am so grateful for you guys. She’s sassy, loves to tree squirrels, could cuddle all day and we couldn’t love her more. Y’all brought two amazing pets into my life (Rosie and Bennett)
and I just wanted to say y’all are the best! ❤️"

"Nellie (Tiffany) is doing very well. She gets along well with everyone. We have a Shih Tzu, Ivy. Our other cat, Jewel, is very timid but the two cats seem to have the same temperament and get along well. She is so lovable! When we call her she always comes running over to us to be petted. She’s always purring. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family. We love her!"

  "Buddy is doing great! He is a very busy boy but that’s ok!! We have fun with him! He keeps us moving. Our grandkids just love him as we all do ❤️ He’s spoiled to the max too! Thanks for such a great pup!"

"DC (now Rizzo) is doing awesome, and we're absolutely loving him!! 😄 He is SO playful and constantly running from room to room with a toy in his mouth. He's also a snuggle big, though, and will cuddle right up with us on the couch, especially with his favorite pink fuzzy blanket...He's such a joy and we can't thank you enough for bringing him to us!!...Thank you again for all that you and your team do!! We love Rizzo!!"

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