Our Founder

In 1970, Edward and Kay Blotzer founded Animal Care & Welfare, Inc., a society for the prevention of cruelty for animals. Ed became the very first humane agent in Allegheny County, and over the next 30 years, he would investigate over 3,000 animal cruelty cases, all on a volunteer basis, mostly done while he was working full time for Union Railroad. This “grandfather” of humane investigations shared his time and experience generously with a new generation of humane agents, ensuring that there would be dedicated, trained officers to carry on this mission. Ed worked tirelessly to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering. He provided financial assistance for thousands of low-income pet owners, most of which came out of his own pockets. Ed served on the board of Animal Friends for more than 20 years and in 2001 was awarded Animal Friends’ Lifetime Achievement Award for the decades of service that he selflessly devoted to the animals. Sadly on November 28, 2002, our ardent defender and champion of animals passed away. 

Ed's memory & legacy are still alive

Ed Blotzer acknowledged at Animal Friends

Thanks to all of the donations we received, Animal Friends dedicated a plaque in front of the new Humane Activities Coordinator's room.

Ed & Kay Blotzer

With a passion and love for animals, Ed and Kay worked together to bring about, for the first time in our area, much needed protection for abused animals.  Ed could never have done this without Kay's support and dedication.

Ed Blotzer received a street sign at Animal Friends

Animal Friends also dedicated a "street sign" at the dog walk with the name Blotzer Way in honor of the fine work Ed Blotzer did for the animals.


This is a brick honoring Ed Blotzer, Jr., Animal Care and Welfare Inc. and their contribution to the humane treatment of animals

A tribute to Ed

by Kathy Hecker

During the 11 years that I've been Animal Friends' Humane Officer, one factor has remained constant. Whatever case I've investigated, complainants and defendants alike asked me if I worked for Ed Blotzer. I have tried cases in front of judges and district attorneys who knew Ed by name and reputation, and they asked after his health. Lawyers representing defendants would wax nostalgic about a case where they went up against Blotzer and even they had a respect, an awe and a fear of him that bordered on fondness.

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